Do you want glowing, youthful skin in a bottle?*

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Hey everyone! The sun is shining, I'm switching out my winter black clothes for my summer black threads (yep that's totally a thing and I bet you'll be pretty impressed with my collection of dresses!) ready to welcome the warmer temperatures!  If you've missed my status update a little while ago I made a video on my Youtube Channel explaining what has been going on. I'll be incorporating the two platforms so you can see stuff and me in fancy HD action! Que some Hollywood cinematic music! 

The best 4 Vegan cafes in Lincoln, United Kingdom

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Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share with you the hip, independent cafes I frequently venture off too for a vegan bite to eat in Lincoln.  Lincoln is a small city with a university, lots of history and swans which has it's own little quirks and charms. It's famous for it's Steampunk events and the Steep hill leading to the Cathedral. These 4 places are located all over the city center and are dead easy to get too! Using local and out sourced vegan products these meccas are:

Do you love avocados? There is a product just for you*

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Hey everyone! If you are into body modification or you stretch your lobes or other piercings like I have then keep on reading as this product is a game changer if you use the correct methods for stretching.

My goal size for my lobes are an inch in diameter that I wanted to achieve over the course of time. I like to take my stretching super slow and I stretch with single flare glass plugs with 1mm jumps from Glasswear Studios every 3 months plus. I wanted an oil that will help with the stretching process and condition my lobes when I give them massages.

Tomatoes and skincare makes for happy, vibrant skin!*

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Hey everyone! Spring has officially sprung in my city and the sun has been out for more than just one hour! It gives me more of a reason to go outside and leave my hermit hole that is my bedroom! Today I wanted to share with you a new product which will be soon replacing my old winter skin care routine  and become one of my staples.

The Yes to Tomatoes Daily Balancing Moisturizer by My Pure is a game changer if you have combination skin. During the winter my skin is really prone to dryness and breakouts, so as the weather picks up I need to change my skin care to help over come what the winter started.

February's fabulous Advertiser is the one for sweet treats

Hey everyone! I hope you are super ready for spring like I am since I'm so ready to shut the door on Winter! This month was the kick starter for my advertising services here on SpikedBlackTee and I had so much fun working for this fabulous Queen of baking Angel of Sinfully Delicious. Before you scroll down and drool over your keyboard over the cookies and cakes that she crafts, have a read of her little backstory behind Sinfully Delicious: